By Filmmaker,
For Filmmaker!


Cinetank is dedicated to providing boutique camera accessories for motion pictures and TV industry. Founded by a group of industry veterans with decades of experience, we design, build and sell not just products but solutions that help you deliver.

Our Mission

Let's not sugar-coat it. We are here to make money. But more importantly, we've seen and lived your pain on set when accessories fail. So in the process of creating extra income, we want to make sure we provide fellow filmmakers great solutions to tackle those pain points.

Why Cinetank?

Lifetime warranty on all products, PERIOD!
We are confident in our designs and more importantly, we have tested them in the most demanding fields before we bring it to the market. 

Support from real people, with filmmaking experience.
Like we have addressed several times, Cinetank is founded by a group of industry veterans. You are not dealing with commission driven sales people, but someone that can help you troubleshoot.

Enough said.
Let's make your set life easier!

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